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Cab Level Crank & Pull

These manual tarp systems are easy, affordable solutions to covering dump beds that are shorter in height.Our CRANK AND PULL kit is a arm-less manual cab level crank kit that is perfect for landscape trailers and medium/light duty truck bodies. There are several customization options so you can build the perfect tarping solution for your needs. Please make note of what does and does not come with each system. For the simplest, most affordable set up, we recommend our most basic Manual Cab-Level Crank Tarp System, which is deployed by hand and manually strapped down to cover the load. This solution takes the most time and effort, but works just as well as the other options, if budget is a constraint. If time and efficiency are your main concerns, then we recommend the Manual Cab-Level Crank Tarp System that comes with a Pull Bar and  Adjustable Tarp axle. This system features a telescoping tarp axle, so you can adjust it to the width of the truck instead of having to cut the axle to size. A  Anti-Sail pull bar makes deploying the tarp easier, with hooks at the rear of the bed that hold it in place during transit. 

A manual crank tarp system saves time and money compared to tarping a load by hand. It is safer for both the driver and vehicle, since hooks and straps can come loose or break during preparation or transit. This kit is the answer to our partners looking for the most affordable, easiest to operate, nothing in the way tarping system.